This is one of the brightest opportunities that has opened for Jefferson St and it has been absolutely amazing! Lea County Correctional facility houses 1200 inmates and is a medium security facility. Among the 1200 inmates we are able to meet face to face with around 125 inmates.


We are allowed to teach and mentor inmates, instructing them in life skills and changes in behavior.


Jefferson St has the first statewide prison outreach program that offers programming for the incarcerated, returning citizens, and children of the incarcerated. We are holistic, addressing the spiritual, emotional and social of those impacted by incarceration.



In-Prison Services

With about 7000 in prisons and jails in New Mexico, we are committed to providing spiritual and educational programming for the incarcerated. 


New Life Behavior Ministries (NLB)  

The NLB curriculum is often used inside prisons, with family members of offenders, with ex-offenders and with anyone struggling to overcome an addiction. Our curriculum now consists of 14 courses, including a Children’s Edition. The courses are not Bible studies but it is seen as the common thread. The curriculum is used in 43 states in the U.S.A. and in almost that many foreign countries.What is meant when we say that NLB is a curriculum-based ministry?


NLB engages in the research, design and development of cognitive behavioral tools to be used by volunteer instructors in a variety of settings with youth and adults (churches, schools, jails, prisons, boot/work camps, substance abuse treatment centers and other community efforts).


Here are the titles to the completed courses:

  • Course I A Sense of Self (13 Lessons)
  • Course II A Sense of Family (13 Lessons)
  • Course III Parenting Matters (13 Lessons)
  • Course IV True Freedom (13 Lessons)
  • Course V Christian Marriage Skills (13 Lessons)
  • Course VI The Christian Woman (13 Lessons)
  • Course VII Attitudes & Behaviors (13 Lessons)
  • Course VIII Christians Against Substance Abuse (CASA) – 13 Lessons
  • Course IX The FamilyNet Series (13 Lessons)
  • Course X The Seeker Bible Study Series (10 Lessons)
  • Course XI Prisoners of Christ (13 Lessons)
  • Course XII Managing My Anger (13 Lessons)
  • Course XIII Christians Against Sex Addiction (CASA) – 13 Lessons)

Mentoring/Take One: Our volunteers provide mentoring for the incarcerated.


Training: The ministry is willing to travel across the state to provide new and seasoned volunteers with basic and advanced prison outreach training. We also provide training at our Hobbs location.


Re-Entry Services:  We provide re-entry services for any returning citizen within one year of release from incarceration. We will also walk with the returning citizen for one year after completion of our mandatory, four day orientation course. We are near a major bus line and provide bus passes as needed to participants.


Career, Educational and Vocational Training: Our re-entry center has job readiness, faith-based and vocational courses available for participants post-release. We have an excellent track record in helping the returning citizen prepare for meaningful employment. 


Case Management: We provide support services for all participants for one year after completing our orientation class. We help with obtaining identification, driver’s license, insurance, and finding independent housing. 



Need Assistance?

If you have family incarcerated and being release within the next 6 months and need assistance please fill out the form below:


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